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'ENZO' - The Ferrari Story PART I

“The Godfather of all racing movies” roars off the starting grid "


Not one - but two supercharged feature films about the life and times of enigmatic Ferrari founder, Enzo Ferrari, are about to commence production shortly with UK independent Luminaire Films.


Boasting a combined budget of $200m and packed with A’ list talent, ENZO and MARANELLO will be made in collaboration with Steve Clark-Hall of Skyline Films (co-producer of Hollywood hits SHERLOCK HOLMES and THE GREENZONE) and shoot on location in Italy and the UK later this year.


“We have spent a long time developing these epic projects and have met with the cognoscente at Ferrari Spa to ensure their historical accuracy” says Producer Liam Badger. Unlike most other racing movies, Luminaire has sought to dig deep into the heart of the character that lies behind the worldʼs most glamorous sports car marque and explain how someone who never left his provincial home town in northern Italy could go on to create the mythic status the company still enjoys to this day.


“These films are not so much racing movies but rather gripping psychological character studies that just happen to include some of the most exciting racing moments in motor sport history” argues Badger. “They are about one manʼs dream and Mankindʼs relentless pursuit for perfection at any cost.”


With their glamorous period settings, classic cars and international leading cast, ENZO and MARANELLO are guaranteed to seduce audiences everywhere as well as appealing directly to Ferrariʼs 400 million strong “tifosi” fan base worldwide.


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